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Exciting Rewards & Rebates Await You!

Simple and Easy

Our platform aims to be an effective and simple solution for anyone to redeem products and services from your local businesses. In addition to all the exciting rebates and rewards to maximize your spending value. We’re determined to build a fun and interactive consumer rewards platform.


Current Challenges in Consumerism

Statistics indicate that people primarily join reward programs to save money. They are also more likely to do business with merchants who offer reward programs. Among award programs there is a preference for those programs who offer a smartphone app. And with the move to online sales and mobile phone based purchases the market will continue to grow. Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t have the technical knowledge or resources to create mobile app based reward programs. Even when they do, the rewards are often not transferrable and can only be used with a single business.


NT Global gives businesses a simple and easy way to offer their customers rewards and rebates in reward points. Not only that, but reward points can be collected across a broad range of participating merchants. They can also be utilised with any participating merchant, regardless of which business they earned them from. And the final benefit, customers tend to spend more money, more often at those businesses who offer rewards.



How It Works

NT Global is a consumer rewards program for participating merchants and consumers who use the NT Global reward system. Consumers earn rebates in Reward Points.


Merchants place their products or services in the NT Global platform at no cost to them. There is no cost to join NT Global as a merchant and Merchants do not pay for using the program.

Benefits for Merchants

  • Merchants acquire new customers from the NT Global Community.
  • Existing and new customers spend more with merchants and do business with them more often in order to take advantage of the rebates in reward points.
  • Merchants are listed in the NT Global website and thus their brand is introduced and promoted to the NT Global Community.
  • Merchants experience greater consumer loyalty as Consumers prefer to do business with those merchants who can offer rebate in consumer Rewards Points through NT Global.
  • There is no cost to join our mobile app Consumer rewards program.

Benefits for Consumers

  • Consumers receive Rebates when using NT Global platform with Participating Merchants.
  • Consumers are rewarded additional reward points for friends and merchants who use NT Global platform. 
  • Consumers can redeem their rewards from participating merchants for products and services.

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Mission & Vision

NT Global believes consumption is a key driver of growth. With this in mind, NT Global seeks to change lives by creating a platform that encourages the growth of a community of both consumers and merchants for mutual benefit. We believe that through this community, merchants can gain more business opportunities and consumers receive more value and rewards

Our Culture

Timely Communication.  Setting the right expectations, providing honest updates, communicating with compassion, solving problems immediately and taking responsibility are ways that we can ensure we are fostering stronger relationships and building trust.


Rewarding Relationships. We believe a rewards program is not just about reward points.  The most valuable reward is a meaningful relationship. In this age of digital isolation we want to focus even more on the personal touch. We treat our users as friends. We greet them by name. We seek to understand what is important to them and show them we care about them and their success.


Adding Value. Our relationships with our customers start from a position of service. We will do whatever it takes to add value and create raving fans. We create community where every task is pursued with excellence, every mistake is a learning opportunity and every moment is focused on purpose driven outcomes to the benefit of everyone involved.


Consistent Training. We believe our greatest asset is our community and we invest time and energy in nurturing those in it. We place no limits on how far we can grow together. It’s vital to provide a consistent encounter for customers and merchants. We want them to have a positive experiences and fully understand how to get the most out of our rewards program.  Our biggest advertisement is a happy customer.  Our best marketing is an educated user of our mobile app happily sharing what we do with everyone they meet.


Keep Focused on Changing Lives. We believe that our work has the potential to positively impact individuals, businesses, communities, cities and the world. We commit to it with tenacity, passion, love and joy. We keep our focus on the lives we can change.

Some of our Merchants

How to join NT Global

REQUIREMENTS to use NT Global platform
1. Free Registration 

Anyone can create a free account .
2. KYC Requirements
Both merchants and consumers are required to provide legal documents to prove their identity as per “KYC” regulations.
3. Merchant Requirements
Merchants require a legal business registration from the local authority to be approved as merchants. Merchants are responsible for their own tax obligations as applicable to their local laws. No contract or exclusive agreement is required with NT Global. There is no fee to become a Merchant.

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